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Welcome to the website of Akallis Rent a Car

rent a hundai - i10 car chania creteNavigating through our web pages, we are certain that you will find what you wish to make your stay in Chania of Crete a delightful experience.

We have designed this website having in mind to ensure that the experiences you gain in Crete will be as enjoyable and as satisfactory as possible from the very outset. It is our wish that you enjoy your navigation through this website and we are certain that you will find all the information you need to choose the car you like.

Having established our company in April 2008 at Agia Marina, Chania of Crete, the recent launch of our business enables you to rent any type of car (with petrol or diesel engine) you wish out of our new fleet. We maintain our new cars complying with all specifications foreseen and using the most advanced technological equipment. We always take good care that our cars are clean and safe after each rental. To safeguard the health of your children, we see to that children car seat covers are cleaned and disinfected after each use; thus, you can enjoy your safe and comfortable journey on the island of Crete.

The experienced staff working in our offices at Agia Marina, Chania, Crete, aims and constantly strives to provide you the best and most expedient possible service to assure your comfort and safety, further offering better prices for online bookings, special offers for long-term rentals, special arrangements for payments by credit card, including 24hour service, and free deliveries/pickups.

We remain always at your disposal, ready to receive any comment or remark for our further improvement.

Thank you for visiting Akallis Rent a Car Websitehire a fiat panda car chania crete

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